People Who Order Their Coffee This Way Are Much Healthier


While there's been some debate over the health benefits of drinking coffee, few things can keep avid coffee drinkers from their morning brew. If health is a concern, take note of the findings of a recent study on the healthiest way to order your morning cup of joe. Researchers at Rutgers University found that ordering your coffee with skim milk compared to a whole milk latte can lead to weight loss over time, Body+Soul reports.

Rutgers's team tracked the number of regular (whole milk) and light (skim milk) latte drinkers at a Dunkin Donuts. Then, the researchers instructed baristas to start asking every customer who ordered a latte if they wanted to make their coffee "light." When asked, 50% of coffee drinkers chose the light version.

This small change in ordering can lead to weight loss over time, as a medium-size latte with whole milk has 170 calories and nine grams of fat while a light latte with skim milk has 110 calories and no fat. If you replace five lattes a week with a light version, you'll save 4550 calories in one year (that's about a 1.3-pound weight loss).

Try this ordering hack next time you head on your coffee run or make your own coffee at home to have control over everything that goes in it.

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