11 Shower Storage Ideas to Save Your Soap From the Ledge

Alyssa Rosenheck Photography

Anyone with a small bathroom knows the frustrations that can arise in a tiny shower, including balancing pricey products on precariously small ledges, bumping into bottles at every turn, and finding enough space to hang your towel until you turn the faucet off. If any of the aforementioned annoyances resonate with you, you've come to the right place. As apartment dwellers, we know from experience how aggravating a bathroom with minimal storage space can be, so we've compiled some of our go-to organizational tools for saving luxe products from the ledge.

Ranging from a hanging shower caddy to a leaning ladder storage system, these 11 bathroom buys will help prevent your products from slipping off the bathtub edge ever again. Because when you're splurging on $45 soap, the stakes are surprisingly high. (No judgment here-we love Aesop's bath products too.) After scrolling through this article, consider your shower storage sorted. Ready to organize your shelves, put away your products, and hang up your towels? Ahead are 11 shower storage ideas so you can stow your stuff in style.

Urban Outfitters Minimal Copper Shower Caddy $30Shop

An upgraded take on your typical shower caddy, this copper version would look sleek in even the tiniest of spaces.

Serena & Lily Dip-Dyed Stools $58Shop

Tuck this stool in the corner of your shower if you're short of surfaceВ area for storing yourВ shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other necessities.

Umbra Flex Shower Soap Dish $10Shop

For when your shower is so short on storage that you don't even have a built-in soap dish.

Rejuvenation Reclaimed Oak Tub Caddy $165Shop

Ideal for aВ shower that also doubles as a bathtub, this caddy can act as a shelf when you're not relaxing in a hot tub of water with a good book.

Tooletries Mighty Toothbrush Holder $18Shop

This wall-mounted shower accessoryВ has an ingenious slot designedВ to hold your razor, a little shelf for stowing jewelry, and a pocket just large enough for your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Urban Outfitters Bronte Bathroom Leaning Ladder Storage $329Shop

While this leaning ladder isn't meant to go in your shower per say, it makes efficient use of the space above your toilet (for which it was designed).

Urban Outfitters Over-the-Door Tiered Storage Rack $69Shop

The two-tier shelving unit makes use of one of the most overlooked spaces in any bathroom: the door.

Umbra Flex Shower Caddy $20Shop

This versatile caddy can be hung over your showerhead (as pictured) or hooked on your shower rod, depending on how you want to optimize your space.

Urban Outfitters Una Clear Toiletries Shelf $12Shop

Keep scrubs, lotions, and oils conveniently located within arm's reach with this acrylic toiletries shelf.

Umbra Flex Corner Shower Caddy $15Shop

Make the most of your shower's corners, and install a few of these shelves to stash your products in.

Urban Outfitters Una Clear Mini Toiletries Wall Pocket $8Shop

A small acrylic catch-all is just large enough for holding little odds and ends.