10 Creative Third Date Ideas

Third dates are fun, exciting and full of intrigue. You and your date are just getting to know each other and are building a rapport, and it's the perfect opportunity for both of you to do something out of the ordinary. So rather than the same old dinner and a movie date routine, these 10 third date ideas will not only help you find out more about your date to see if you really click but will also enable you to have fun in the process.

1. Take a Cooking Class Together

If you're looking for a third date idea that's truly outside of the box, heading into the kitchen can be a great way to mix things up. You and your date can sign up for a local cooking class and learn a new recipe as you learn more about each other.

2. Sing Karaoke

Another offbeat third date idea is to head to a karaoke bar and sing your heart out to the person who may one day capture your heart. And whether you can carry a tune or not, you and your date will be able to see just how well you harmonize as a couple. You can even request to sing a duet together!

3. Go to a Museum

If you're looking for aВ date idea with an educational twist, visiting a museum is a great option. With so many different types of museums to choose from, you and your partner can not only discover fun facts as you walk through the exhibits, but you can discover more about each other as well.

4. Volunteer

For those who are looking for a third date idea that can make a positive and lasting impact in every respect, then volunteering is the way to go. And whether you sign up for a run/walk in your area, head to a local animal shelter or spend the morning serving food at a charitable institution, there are many different and worthy causes in your area that can enable you to do some good as you get to know each other.

5. Go to a Sporting Event

If you're looking for a third date idea that will knock it out of the park, heading to a sporting event in your area is a great call. Not only will you get to learn more about your date as you cheer on your team, but the high-energy environment can help you to see an upbeat side of each other as well.В

6. Head to a Wine Tasting

If you're looking for a third date idea that will leave you both in high spirits, then going to a wine tasting is a terrific option. And whether you prefer Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or are more of a Merlot fan, going to a wine tasting can give you a taste of what it'd be like if you were a couple. Plus, you'll even know what wine to order on date number four!

7. Visit a Theme Park

Another third date idea that's thrilling in every way is to head to a theme park in your area. Not only can you enjoy the different rides together and always have someone to chat with in line, but you can even try to win stuffed animals, hats and different prizes at the various booths. Remember, the biggest prize of all is your heart!

8. Plan a Picnic.

Another creative third date idea is to plan a picnic together in the park. And whether you plan a potluck or pick up food from a restaurant on your way to the park, this date idea is packed with fun as you and your partner get to enjoy a meal together in an unusual way. В

9. Take an Exercise Class

If you're looking for a third date that'll get your heart pumping in every respect, then signing up for an exercise class together is the right move for you. And whether you hit up a spinning, yoga or Pilates session, burning calories with one another can help you to figure out if there's any heat between the two of you.

10. Go to a Comedy Club.

For those who are looking for a third date idea that's guaranteed to put a smile on both of your faces, going to a comedy club is no joke. Not only will you and your date get to spend time laughing together, but this kind of event creates the perfect opportunity to develop your own inside jokes in the future that only the two of you will understand and appreciate. Are you ready to laugh?